Program 2017

The 2017 Program of the Youth Council was passed on the session of the Council of the Municipality of Centar held on 09.12.2016. The main objective of the Program is to create a link between the younger citizens of the municipality and the administration of the Municipality of Centar with the help of the Council of Youth. In addition, the Program envisages several activities that not only refer to this year’s planned and ongoing activities, but contribute to the further development of the Youth Council.

Specific objectives:

  • • Acquaint young persons who have just turned 18 with some of their basic rights and obligations through various projects and trainings
  • • Raising awareness among young people in elementary and secondary school on various everyday topics and areas
  • • Encouraging youth entrepreneurship among young persons who had already completed secondary and tertiary education and acquainting young people with the meaning and opportunities of the entrepreneurship
  • • Collection of concrete materials and manuals as well as building capacities for the future members of the Executive Board of the Youth Council.

Description of Activities:

1. First-time voters
A draft project of the Youth Council of the Municipality of Centar that would reach to all high school students from schools on the territory of the municipality, who are in their final year and who are or will be 18 years old, and thus they would have the right to vote for the first time. However, first-time voters are often unaware of their voting rights and all its aspects. Therefore, the Youth Council, in cooperation with the non-governmental organizations that are members of the Local Youth Council, has a plan to implement this project in order to enrich the knowledge of the first-time voters, and would, practically, educate young people about their political rights. For the implementation of this project, financial support from the Municipality of Centar is needed. Another prerequisite is the permission of the City of Skopje, because high schools are under the jurisdiction of the City of Skopje’s administration.

2. Sex education in primary schools, 9th grade specifically
According to the researches of many organizations whose primary activities are health, sexually transmitted diseases, sex education, etc., the average age for young people starting with sexual activities is in decrease. However, in our country, unlike religion, the sex education, and even sexuality, is something that is seen as a taboo topic. The Youth Council of the Municipality of Centar believes that this is a wrong practise and that young people should finally get acquainted with what they are practicing in order to be aware of both the beautiful sides of sexual activities and the dangers and their prevention. The Youth Council considers that the Municipality of Centar is a convenient place to start this type of education, especially because our municipality is an exception when it comes to stereotypical and very often conservative thinking.
The Youth Council would start lecturing in the primary schools throughout the municipality in cooperation with the non-governmental organization - a member of the Local Youth Council - HERA, which has the capacity and great experience to implement this type of trainings. Every elementary school would hold 8 lectures in all 9th grade classes, which means two lectures per month for all nine-grades. For the realization of the project, besides financial support, a permit from the Municipality of Centar and the Principals of the primary schools on its territory will be necessary.

3. Film education for the high school students from the high schools on the territory of the Municipality of Centar
Modern times bring modern sources of influences, as well as modern sources of education and information. Namely, young people, especially in their teenage years, get informed, educated and influenced more by films and less by books. Generally, young people prefer watching films instead of reading books. That is why we believe that it is appropriate to educate young people on films that are “trendy”. These film projections, interactive projections, will also include discussions, opinions of lecturers, film critics and of course, most of the abovementioned will be provided by the partner of this project – the Faculty of Dramatic Arts.
Therefore, we consider it appropriate that young people receive education in relation to films that are "trend". In addition to film projections, interactive projections will include discussions, opinions of lecturers, film critics and of course, most of the partner of this activity of the Youth Council, young people from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts.

4. Centar for entrepreneurship
The project started in 2016, and it is planned to be continued in the next year, as annual, traditional activity of the Youth Council. In a period of one month, 3 trainings will be held in order to acquaint the participants with youth entrepreneurship, and with that knowledge the participants, who are registered at a previously announced competition, can develop a business plan which can then be rewarded in the competition that comes as the culmination of the entrepreneurial month. The prize is 30.000,00 MKD per person, and the right to participate have persons aged 18 to 30, residents of the municipality of Centar who were present at all three trainings held within the project.

5. Basic entrepreneurship
Basic entrepreneurship is a draft project of the Youth Council of the Municipality of Centar which is intended for pupils from all 9th graders from all primary schools located on the territory of the municipality, who will be lectured on the basics of entrepreneurship. Lecturers with whom the Youth Council cooperated within the project "Centar for Entrepreneurship" will try to bring the ideas and directions of entrepreneurship closer to them. The purpose of these lectures is that young people, still pupils, get basic knowledge of entrepreneurship as a modern concept of working and earning, to have a notion of what entrepreneurship means and whether it is something they would like to do or no.

6. Building capacities
An internal project - collection of all previous materials that were offered to us during trainings from various organizations and institutions, which would help in creating an easier start for the future members and the continuous work of the Youth Council.

7. Duel
Draft project of the Youth Council of the Municipality of Centar. Within this project, the Council will organize a twice-monthly debate, opposing of two different concepts in the areas of politics, economics, literature, etc., that is, all areas of interest to young people. At these debates, the Council will endeavor to involve as many professors, experts and other public figures as possible in order to promote the debate at the cultural level by colliding arguments. The Council's opinion is that the concept of a cultural, normal, sound-minded conflict of the arguments of two conflicting opinions and / or concepts is neglected, that is, the space in the public discourse is captured by primitive discussions that are used more to exchange insults rather than arguments. These duels will be organized at the Youth Office of the Municipality of Centar.

8. Meet Centar
A project that will introduce the municipality to the young people. By organising an open day once a month throughout the year, dedicated to introducing the work of the municipality’s administration and linking specific cases with the competent unit of the administration, the Youth Council will act as a direct mediator between the youth and the Municipality’s administration.

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