About us

Council of Youth Centar is an advisory body of the municipality, formed by a group of organizations and forms of youth associations which operate and work on the territory of Centar.

Bodies of the Local Youth Council of the Municipality of Centar:

Assembly - consisted of one delegate from each member organization. Member-organizations are:

  • 1. YEF
  • 2. Youth Can
  • 3. JEF
  • 4. Red Cross Centar
  • 5. Scout Association
  • 6. Student Plenum
  • 7. High School Plenum
  • 8. VCS
  • 9. HERA
  • 10. REACTOR
  • 11. CIVIL
  • 12. Club speakers
  • 13. ELSA
  • 14. Youth Alliance
  • 15. IZLEZ
  • 16. Coalition for Sexual and Marginalized Rights
  • 17. KRIK
  • 18. VIZIO
  • 19. AEGEE
  • 20. SDMM
  • 21. NSDM
  • 22. LIDEM
  • 23. UMS VMRO NP
  • 25. Democratic Alliance
  • 26. DOM

Executive Board 11 members: 8 NGO representatives and 3 political parties representatives; all the members have a 2-years term.

The President and the Vice President of the Executive Board of the Council are elected by the members and their mandate lasts until they are part of the Executive Board.

Besides the member-organizations of the Youth Council, there are also the partner-organizations of the YC:

  • - OSCE Mission to Skopje
  • - National Youth Council (NMSM)
  • - UNDP
  • - Helsinki Committee
  • - CID
  • - The Agency for Youth and Sports
  • - American Embassy
  • - Netherlands Embassy
  • - ALDA
  • - Open Society Foundations (FOOM)
  • - Community Center of the Municipality of Centar;

Executive Board

  • - Goran Tanevski (Youth Educational Forum) - President
  • - Aleksandar Stojanovski (Red Cross) - vice President
  • - Snezana Tomovska (SDMM)
  • - Teano Kardula (High School Plenum)
  • - David Danailov (SDMM)
  • - Borjan Eftimov (Student Plenum)
  • - Gorjan Slavkovski (Youth Can)
  • - Dragan Dimitrov (UMS of VMRO - DPMNE)
  • - Slobodan Naskoski (Scout Squad - Seagull)
  • - Anja Bebekovski (JEF)
  • - Mitko Slaninkoski (Coalition SEGA)


The mission of the Youth Council Centar is to represent the interests and needs of the young people in the community through various projects and activities, be placed as a link between them and the bodies of the Municipality of Centar and to ensure the involvement and active participation of youth in decision-making at local level.

The objectives of the LYC Municipality Centar are:

1. Encouraging processes for creating appropriate policies that provide social and personal development of young people in the Municipality of Centar;

2. Advocacy and action on behalf of the interests of young people and youth organizations through representation of their interests before the institutions;

3. Uniting and capacity development of the youth sector by strengthening and promoting the role of youth organizations;

4. Promotion of the informal education and encouraging the creation of systems to support young on local level;

5. Improving the position of youth in society

In achieving the abovementioned objectives, the Youth Council of the Municipality of Centar advocates the interests of young people in the Municipality of Center regardless of their socio-economic status, race, ethnic and cultural background, political and religious beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other form of differentiating.

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